Wednesday, 16 July 2008

அகுரனை பற்றிய சில விடயங்கள்

Two important Historical Persons
Kasawatta Alim Appa
Al hafiz Moulavi Fazil M.J.M.Saheed Soulthani

Economical situation of Families 2006(approximately)
Total Families 13076
Samurdhi Recipients 5690 43%
Others 7385 57%
Employed in Overseas 2.6%

G.C.E.(O/L) 2006 performance of freshers (National Schools) Qualified percentage less than 60% for A/L (Central Province)
Azhar Collage 45th place Out of 54
Zahira College 54th place out of 54

Monday, 14 July 2008

Akurana Muslims In Crawley - UK

Crawley is situated in the heart of the countryside, halfway between London and Brighton, Crawley is a thriving and dynamic town.
Planned to reflect the green and wooden nature of the beautiful countryside that surrounds the town, Crawley offers a particularly pleasant environment in which to live and work. The town is divided into a series of residential neighbourhoods around the town centre, each with its own schools, shops and community facilities.It is a town where multicultural communities live with their own religious and cultural identities. Crawley has 100,000 residents, and is also home to Gatwick Airport and a host of multinational businesses who benefit from excellent air, rail and road links.

Crawley has a rich history going back to the Bronze Age, but the town really took off in the 1940's when it was designated one of 8 'New Towns'.

Our Akurana Brothers began to move to crawley by the bigining of 1998s.and gradually our community started to grow.Because of a fast increase in our population by 2000s our brothers compelled to organise sports activities and gatherings such as Eid get together.

As a reflection of the importance of our society's unity and the future of growing younger generation Sri Lankan Muslims have formed a non profitable organisation in the name of SLMWAC ( Sri Lankan Muslim Welfare Association Crawley) in 2004.i Love to say its a remarkable milestone in our society.

SLMWAC has been organising Sunday islamic programs,sports activities,Ifthar,Eid get together and Jummah prayer in tamil for about 400 tamil speaking brothers.SLMWAC has completed its 3rd Annual conference in 13 th of july 2008.

Alhamdu lilah in our first Annual Conference Allah gave us the opportunity to hear the bayan of As Sheikh A.C.Agar Mohamed(Dep Dir Jamiya Naleemiya) in the 2nd Annual conference we got the opportunity to hear Usthadh Hajjul Akbar, Moulavi Rizvi Muffthie and As Sheikh A.C.Agar Mohamed.and also in 2008 we were blessed to hear As Sheikh A.C.Agar mohamed and As Sheikh Dr Hassan Fareed.

We never forget to entertain our selves in sports activities though we are in a responsible family life, we have been playing for several Cricket clubs in West Sussex and Sussex counties.In 2008 we sri lankans formed our own Cricket Club SERENDIB XI and performing successfully in both the 1st and 2nd team